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It’s funny how life works out. A few years ago, I would have laughed at even the possibility of being any more responsible for a child than keeping an eye on my nephews or niece for a period of time shorter than 45 minutes. The appeal of being able to pass a child back to their much more capable parent was too great.

And then four years ago, I had a relationship with a woman that I am realizing now served the mere purpose of allowing me an opportunity to change my absurd view. I’m not quite sure what clicked. I still think even the term “biological clock” is ridiculous, especially for men (apologies in advance for any perceived misogyny).

Now I wake up everyday next to a woman that I never deserved to meet, who has changed not only my view on what constitutes a family, but also has radically changed my desire to be a more integral part of my own future.

She loves me. I feel when she loves me. I hurt if I hurt her in any way. And even though she is two years younger, she has taught me so much about patience and kindness by simply allowing me to be around her and her wonderful son.

She is sleeping as I write this. She sleeps incredibly hard. I tried to wake her to tell her even half of this as it began to fill my brain. She murmured a brief recognition than she was being abruptly disturbed from her slumber, but she didn’t bother to open her loving blue eyes. I left the lamp off, slowly undressed from my work clothes as quietly as possible and meandered into the kitchen to rummage for a late dinner.

One of these days I’ll find a fitting way to express all or any of this. But for now, I’ll quietly crawl into bed next to her and wait for the sun to come up so she can kiss me goodbye before she has to leave for work.


From Twitter* user Thomas Stephenson @tstephenson:

“We leave NPR radio playing when we leave our dog, Zuul, home alone. It took a few interesting car rides (with NPR playing) to figure out that Zuul had taught herself to sing to the Talk of the Nation theme song.”

We love it! Great job, Zuul! If NPR made collars instead of tote bags, we’d send her one for sure.

— Sarah

*Yep, Talk of the Nation is on Twitter! Find us here.

I don’t know what’s cooler: a singing dog? Or a dog named ZUUL!!?!?!?!!!



Derweze, also known as the door to hell, is a 70 meter wide hole in the middle of the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan. The hole was formed in 1971 when a team of soviet geologists had their drilling rig collapse when they hit a cavern filled with natural gas. In an attempt to avoid poisonous discharge, they decided to burn it off, thinking that the gas would be depleted in only a few days. Derweze is still burning today 


(Source: goodnamesgone)

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